Instructions for Yandex E-mail

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Since there are many online tutorials for registration and access procedures, they are not listed here.

This article mainly introduces the subsequent use of mailboxes,

First, log in to the WEB version using the created email account.
(Please fill in your own domain name here, or visit directly All are OK)

When we enter the correct email+password, we will enter a page to complete personal information, such as name, birthday, gender, security information, etc.

After entering, agree to the terms of use, and then submit to enter the main interface of the mailbox.

After skipping the instructions, you can click the gear at the upper right corner to enter the setting interface (click the red circle part)

Then in the mailbox client settings (Email clients), check all (optional, but it is recommended to check Send, otherwise the client may not see the sent mail)

At this point, you can normally use other mailbox clients, such as Foxmail and Outlook.


server address Security port
IMAP SSL nine hundred and ninety-three
SMTP SSL four hundred and sixty-five
POP3 SSL nine hundred and ninety-five


If you want to use your own domain name, please refer to the following figure to fill in:

Ok, the article ends.


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