Windows 10 build 16299.192 patch offline package download

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The following is an update to windows 10 build 16299.192:

  • It solves the problem that the event log stops receiving events when the maximum file size policy is applied.
  • It solves the problem of office online document printing failure in Microsoft edge browser.
  • Solve the problem that touch keyboard does not support standard 109 key.
  • To solve the problem of video playback in Microsoft edge browser, some devices will be affected when the monitor plays the video, and it will appear repeatedly on the second screen.
  • Solve the problem that Microsoft edge browser stops responding for up to 3 seconds when displaying the content in the software path.
  • When the actual installation, configuration and available memory are large, only 4tb memory can be displayed in the task manager of Windows Server 1709.
  • Security updates, including windows SMB server, Linux subsystem of windows, windows kernel, windows data center network, Windows image, Microsoft edge, Internet Explorer and Microsoft script engine.

Download address:

x64  Download now (size 601.78mb)

x86  Download now Size: 329.44mb

ARM Download now (size 566.95mb)


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