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The Cepheid carries me with him. He is a good chariot. His four steeds ride on the wind.

Cepheid takes me with him. He is a good man. The more shadow he has, the more light he has.

The Cepheid took me with him. You admired the luxury, and the beautiful woman thought she was lustful.

The Cepheid carries me with him, and he is in harmony with you. The zither and the zither are beautiful, and the gentleman is virtuous.

-----The Book of Songs · National Style · The Old Driver Led Me


Attached is from Zhihu Little Sister DeannaXu 's wonderful comments

You didn't understand "The Old Driver Takes Me" at all. From this song, I heard young men and women whipping the old morality, yearning for free love, and their deafening cries.

The Old Driver Takes Me
Old driver, take me, I want to go to Kunming;
Old driver, take me with you. I'm going to the provincial capital.
There are many cars to get on Kunming. Why do you stop me on the way;
Arily, Arily, Arily.

Kunming here is not just Kunming. It can be Long Island, Pampas Grassland, or any developed country in the West. The two young women have unlimited yearning for freedom, love and the outside world, but they are trapped in the marriage and childbirth arranged by their parents, trapped in the daily necessities and watched their youth be swallowed up. no They want to resist! They must go out of the mountain and leave the cage.
They met an old driver who regularly delivered goods to the mountains. This old driver was the one they knew, who had the closest contact with the outside world, and who could help them most. Wearing polo shirt, collar up, casual pants, sandals, white socks, his eyes are blurred. Everything on his body is so attractive, which is completely different from the men in national costumes in the mountains.
"Old driver, can you... take me out of here?"

Old driver, listen to me. I can sing folk songs,
Old driver, listen to me. My little sister is thin lipped,
No matter how thin your mouth is, my wife is waiting for me.
Old driver, look, little sister, peach blossom,
Old driver, look, my little sister is white,
Regardless of whether you are white or not, Brother doesn't want to play Suger.
Old driver, look, my little sister is like a peony,
Old driver, look, is my little sister fat,
Whether you are fat or not, Brother Game doesn't want to taste it.
The old driver is in poor health and can't indulge in wild flowers,
The old driver is in poor health and can't run wild horses.
I never covet flowers. My family has a wife and a baby,
Old driver, with such dirt, my sister can dance,
Old driver, old man, I can walk in fashion.
Let's sing folk songs with you, and let me sit in your car,
Think about it. Tell me which one can be drawn.
Arily, Arily, Arily.

In the middle paragraphs, the old driver was moved by two girls and his psychological defense line collapsed.
At first, the old driver was unable to put down his family responsibility in the traditional morality and he simply refused the girl's request. But with the girl's persuasion, he wavered. He thought of his life as plain as water for decades. His wife was also introduced by the villagers. He had never experienced love and passion. He had no gentle countryside, only a cold bed. Day after day, he was accompanied by endless mountain roads, angled cartons, silent wives and children. He was unhappy and wanted to escape. When he was young, he was also a man who yearned for prairie horses!
He thought of his wife and children again, as if he had grasped the straw, and firmly refused the girl again. However, straw is straw after all, and everyone can hear the voice of the old driver, and began to tremble.

Little sister, listen to me. I also love playing,
Little sister, listen to me. My character is also good,
You can sit in my car and sing folk songs with me,
Let me think about it. Let me talk about it. I can draw it.
Old driver, it's so kind. My heart is so relaxed,
Little sister, I will accompany you around. The city is beautiful,
The city of Kunming is so beautiful, and the songs in the heyday spread everywhere.
Arily, Arily, Arily.

The song reached its climax, and finally, the moral veil was torn, and the old driver and two girls ran together to freedom.
For the first time in decades, the old driver has experienced the taste of love;
For the first time in more than ten years, two girls saw the outside world.
This relationship is immoral and doomed to be spurned, but how can passers-by see how much oppression and helplessness the three people in the poor dance had hidden.

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