The difference between nooopener and nofollow

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In recent WordPress updates, a new attribute, rel = noopener, has been added by default to insert hyperlinks to articles

(in order to be compatible with the Firefox browser, it is generally combined to write rel = noopener noreferrer)

Some friends mentioned that adding this might affect SEO and cause the spider to stop crawling the link,

But there is no such comment on the Internet,

This problem may be that some children's shoes have confused the understanding of the role of nooopener and nofollow.

Nofollow tag is a "anti spam link" tag led by Google and widely supported by Baidu, Yahoo and other major search engines. The purpose of using nofollow tag is to instruct search engines not to track (i.e. grab) any outbound links with nofollow attribute on the web page, so as to reduce the weight of spam links! (from Baidu Encyclopedia)

However, noopener is to limit the child page to control the parent page through window. Opener to solve the problem of target = '_ The cross domain problem of blank '.

At this point, the article ends.


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