360N4 third-party REC (backup)

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Applicable models: 360N4 All Netcom
After downloading, use Flashify to swipe in!

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  • Go further and further

    For the same model, when using the REC of TWRP3.0, the BUGs encountered are:
    The data partition can be successfully backed up normally, but when the data partition of about 7GB is restored to about 90%, an error will be reported:

    "The extractTarFork() process ended, error: 255"

    Although the error is reported, most data is recovered successfully. Only 10% of the data is damaged and cannot be viewed. My pictures cannot be viewed.
    It is estimated that it is a TWRP bug. but.

    Also ask the blogger, how do you comment and add pictures? The wp framework used by your website is fresh, simple, and not bloated. It's great. Do you still add a friend chain? :mrgreen:

    January 2, 2018
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    June 10, 2017
    • Gcod

      @Xiaoyou Thanks for the little sister's reminding, the advertisement comment has been deleted
      Please contact the blogger to deduct a bonus of 0.01 yuan

      June 10, 2017
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