Zblog wedding photography website theme zbwedding

Beautiful, simple and comfortable photography studio website zblog template

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Zblog wedding photography website theme zbwedding
 Zblog wedding photography website theme zbwedding


A set of zblog themes suitable for photography studios and photography companies to build work display websites. The theme adopts a simple and atmospheric design style with pictures as the main display. It has designed a number of modules including large slides, business menus, company teams, work displays, boutique cases, partners and contact information. The content display is quite rich; The list page provides blog list, news list, one column picture list and two column picture list, which can be freely selected to fully meet different display needs. Overall, it is a zblog template that is very suitable for building photography or other photo based websites.


The theme is developed using standard HTML+CSS+JS front-end code, with a responsive structure layout of the whole station, compatible with IE10+ Chrome, Safari, Opera, UCweb and other mainstream browsers have good browsing effects on mobile phones or PC computers. The user experience is very good, and the code has been carefully optimized, which is very SEO friendly. In addition, the theme also supports customized home page, category page, tag page, article page and the title, keywords and description of individual pages, meeting the requirements of search engine optimization.

The theme has built-in easy-to-use background theme configuration panel, which can quickly set the basic settings, home page settings, template settings SEO settings, slide settings, contact information settings, etc. Users who do not understand the code can quickly complete the settings required by the theme template, including but not limited to uploading LOGO pictures, QR code pictures, slide pictures, setting call columns, etc., which can be almost completed by just moving the mouse. It is very convenient, and is suitable for both novice and old users of zblog.

Theme features:

  • Responsive structure, adaptive mobile phone, tablet and computer browser;

  • Multiple modules of different types with diversified contents;

  • The title keywords、description;

  • Customizable classification page title keywords、description;

  • Customizable tab title keywords、description;

  • Customizable article page title keywords、description;

  • The title keywords、description;

  • Built in background theme configuration panel, simple and convenient theme configuration.