Zblog two column graphic blog topic start

Universal zblog template suitable for blog websites of various content types

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Zblog two column graphic blog topic start
 Zblog two column graphic blog topic start


If you don't know what kind of zblog template you should choose for your website content, then choose a universal zblog template that is suitable for various industry content websites. It happens that the start theme is such a golden zblog template. Its simple layout, versatile color design, whether it is used to share software recommendations, industry reviews, marketing optimization, log notes Programming code and any other content will not appear obtrusive!

 Zblog template of image blog website supporting no refresh effect of pjax start

Start theme The gray white design, orange and orange embellishment, looks clean and refreshing as a whole. On the left side of the head is the website logo, which supports background upload settings; The right side is the whole station navigation menu, which supports the two-level pull-down menu at most, and supports the fontawesome 3.2.1 font icon. The main part is a two column structure. The first page of the left column is designed with a slide and a list of the latest published articles. The slide supports background addition, deletion and modification; The right column calls the default sidebar and sidebar 4 of module management. Among them, sidebar 4 is only displayed on the home page. The sidebar supports all the built-in system modules of Z-Blog. In addition, the theme also comes with two customized modules of popular articles and hot reviews, which can be freely added to the sidebar. At the bottom is simple website copyright information, which can be modified in background website settings.

Other pages The classification page of is arranged in the same way as the first page. The main difference is that there is no slide module, and the rest is consistent. The article page maintains a conventional content style and common article metadata, that is, except for the article title and content, the date, column, browsing volume, number of comments, tags, previous and next articles, copyright notice, relevant recommendations and comment modules.

Overall theme It is developed using standard front-end code, and has been deeply optimized. It is compatible with mainstream browsers such as IE10+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and supports the customization of the title, keywords, and descriptions of the home page, category page, tag page, article page, and single page, which generally meets the optimization requirements of each search engine.

Settings There is a background theme configuration panel, which supports four configurations: basic settings, slide settings, SEO settings, and advertising settings. Basic settings include Logo upload, slide switch/type/display range option, Ajax switch, lazyload switch, sidebar follow switch, record number setting, etc; Slide settings can add/modify/delete titles/pictures/links/sorting; You can customize title, keywords, description, etc. for SEO settings; Advertising settings can manage multiple advertising spaces on the article page. The whole configuration is quite simple and easy to operate.

In general, It is difficult for a finished theme to meet the needs of everyone. If you like the style layout of this theme, but your personal needs cannot be met, you can contact the author for customized development for a fee.