Zblog waterfall stream typesetting theme zbsecond

Zblog template suitable for image information websites

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Zblog waterfall stream typesetting theme zbsecond
 Zblog waterfall stream typesetting theme zbsecond


Based on the masonry jquery plug-in, it is a zblog theme with waterfall layout style. The maximum width of the main body is 1440 pixels; There are two colors of dark green and dark red, and three list template selections; Support the auto loading of articles by pull-down and scrolling; Built in background configuration panel; It adopts responsive design and adaptive structure, supports browser access on computers, tablets or mobile phones, and is compatible with mainstream versions of PC and mobile browsers such as IE10+, Firefox, Chrome, etc. It is an implementation zblog waterfall style template.

 Zblog waterfall stream typesetting theme zbsecond

Header and footer: The header consists of LOGO, search and navigation menus. You can upload and change logo images freely in the background and manage navigation. The menu supports up to two levels of drop-down display; The bottom design is simple, calling the website COPYRIGHT information, filing number information, etc.

Theme homepage: The home page is a waterfall flow layout. You can choose to automatically load articles from the drop-down box or turn pages by page; It is designed with a carousel chart module, which supports setting and displaying the whole station display and whether it is displayed in full screen or not; The specified number of labels are called, and the displayed number of labels can be customized; Below the list are friendship links, which are only displayed on the home page.

List content: There are four typesetting modes for the list, which can be freely selected, namely the default waterfall flow, two column waterfall flow, information list and large picture list; The content page uses a template to display the text details. In addition to the regular article parameters, it also designs related articles, sharing icons, and comment modules. For related articles, you can select image layout or title layout, and call articles with the same label or the same category.

Sidebar module: The whole station calls the default sidebar, which supports the sidebar module provided by the system. Other topics also include the four modules of the latest articles, popular articles, hot reviews and following us, which can be freely selected and called. The article module can customize the number of articles displayed.

Advertising location: By default, five advertising spaces are provided, including the waterfall advertisement on the home page, the banner advertisement at the beginning of the article, the advertisement at the bottom of the article, the advertisement above the article comment, and the advertisement at the bottom of the whole site. The page with the sidebar can add advertisements through the new module, which supports HTML advertisements and advertisements of various alliances (such as Baidu Alliance advertisements).

Configuration panel: A convenient background theme configuration panel is provided, with five configurations including basic settings, slide settings, article settings, SEO settings and advertising settings, which can quickly set the options required by the theme and is simple and easy to use.

SEO performance: The front-end HTML+CSS+JS code is reasonable and standardized, and has been carefully optimized, compatible with mainstream browsers, and also meets the search engine optimization requirements. The background supports customizing the title, keyword and description of the home page, category page, tab page, article page and single page.