Three column zblog personal blog topic qzero

Zblog template suitable for personal life blog and we media blog website

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Three column zblog personal blog topic qzero
 Three column zblog personal blog topic qzero


Qzero theme is a zblog template with a default three column structure layout. It uses the color of green and dark blue, and has a flat style. It has no redundant, heavy and complicated decorative elements. The overall design is exquisite and durable. It is more suitable for personal We Media blog and daily life blog types of sites.


The theme uses a three column structure with the main body centered, left, middle and right, and a responsive layout with two columns, with a maximum of 1440px. Two column structure options are available. It is designed with rich interface elements, including LOGO, social icons, search box, blogger avatar, active readers, broadcast map, advertising space, etc; Support two-level pull-down menu and Font Awesome Free font icon; Support Z-Blog built-in system module, with three theme modules: hot review articles, popular articles and active readers; The background theme configuration panel is provided, with basic settings, SEO settings, slide settings and contact information. It is very convenient to quickly configure the theme logo, advertising, filing and other information.

The theme is developed and produced using standard HTML+CSS+JS front-end code, and its structural style is carefully optimized. It supports the delayed loading of list thumbnail images and the display effect of content image lightboxes. It is compatible with IE10+, Firefox, Chrome, safari, opera and other mainstream browsers on PC and mobile terminals, and meets SEO optimization requirements; Support to customize the title, keyword and description of the home page, category page, tab page, article page and single page, so as to facilitate the SEO optimization of the website.

The text description is not intuitive after all. If you want to know more details, you can visit the theme demonstration station for experience.