Zblog product display website theme zbproducts

Zblog theme suitable for building product display websites of companies in various industries

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Zblog product display website theme zbproducts
 Zblog product display website theme zbproducts


Exquisite modern design, classic blue and white style, with rich content modules such as slide pictures, enterprise profiles, product centers, case presentations, news information, contact information and partners, reasonable structural layout, support for simple and traditional conversion, excellent browsing experience, perfect configuration functions, It is applicable to zblog enterprise templates for companies in various industries to build product display websites.


Theme Home Page

Large slides can be rotated from left to right, and multiple pictures can be rotated, which can be added, deleted or modified directly in the background; Graphic company profile, background management picture text, for more information, jump to the separate company introduction details page; The product center adopts picture+title+summary layout, and can customize the number of products to be displayed; The case display uses pictures+title list layout, and the display quantity can be customized; News information calls the latest 6 articles in the designated column, of which the first article uses the large layout style; The contact information displays the address, telephone, fax, QQ, and the screenshot of the mailbox map, and the relevant information is set in the background; Partners display the logo of the partner company, and can be added freely without limiting the number.

Topic list

Four list templates with different layout styles are provided, including the information template for image and text layout, the news template for title list, the product template for image title, and the timeline development history template. Each template is beautiful, comfortable, and tidy, and can be freely selected and set according to needs.

Subject content

The content page has two typesetting templates, which are applied to news and products respectively. News is a regular content detail template, which uses a two column structure and is designed with elements such as title, time, column, number of views, and related articles; The product uses a one column structure, which is designed with product detail picture broadcast, product introduction, QQ and telephone consultation buttons, related products and other element modules.

Single page

Two single page structures, one column structure and two column structure, are designed, which can be freely selected, and are suitable for building online message, company profile, contact information and other content pages.

Theme SEO

Standard front-end code development, through careful optimization and responsive structure, supports browser access on mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers, and is compatible with mainstream browsers. Users have a high degree of access and browsing experience; The title, keyword and description of the home page, category page, tab, content page and single page can be customized. All aspects of the topic as a whole conform to the SEO optimization standards of search engines.

Theme Settings

A separate theme configuration panel is built in, which can set the basic content, homepage module, contact information, broadcast pictures, SEO and other contents of the theme. The configuration required by the theme can be completed without modifying the code, which is simple to use and very convenient.

For more details of the theme, you can visit the demo site for experience. On the whole, this is a zblog template that can fully meet the company's product display needs and meet the requirements of enterprise website building.