Zblog information blog CMS topic zblogcms

ZBLOG template suitable for building small content information websites

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Zblog information blog CMS topic zblogcms
 Zblog information blog CMS topic zblogcms


The zblogcms theme is a clean and delicate white zblog template, which uses the design style of cms website types. It is designed with regular modules of cms websites, such as carousel charts, classified articles, popular/hot review rankings, and advertising spaces. It is suitable for building small information blog websites.

 Zblog information CMS topic zblogcms

The overall theme is left and right columns. The left side is the main content, showing the main content of the current page; On the right is the sidebar of, which calls some theme widget modules, such as the latest article, popular article, tag cloud, etc. The theme adopts a responsive layout, supports browser browsing and access on computer and mobile phones, and is compatible with mainstream browsers.

Theme Home Page

The main module has a carousel map, which supports the management of background addition, deletion and modification, and does not limit the number (but too much will affect page loading); Top setting information, calling all types of top setting articles, including home page top setting, classified top setting and county top setting, with a maximum of 4 articles displayed; The classification module calls the latest 5 articles of each classification, and sets the classification directory to be displayed in the background.

Topic list

In the form of regular blog site article list, the left picture and right text layout are adopted, and the designated picture or the first picture of the article is used as the thumbnail. The content at the beginning of the article is automatically extracted as the summary, and the classified directory, publishing date, browse volume and other elements are also displayed.

Subject content

The content page is a common style of information content, including title, content, classification, tags, previous and next articles, relevant recommendations and comment modules. The elements of the content page are basically complete.

Single page

A single page template belonging to background page management is built in separately, which can be used to create single page content of website introduction, contact information, online message and other types.

Sidebar module

In addition to supporting the built-in sidebar module of zblog, the theme also has its own popular articles, enthusiastic articles and the latest article module for graphic layout, which supports free selection and calling.

Perfect SEO

Standard HTML, CSS and JS front-end codes are used for development and production. After careful optimization, the theme code structure is simple and the logic is clear; Support lazyload image delay loading; It supports the definition of the title, keyword and description of the homepage/category/tag/article/single page, which meets the optimization requirements of the search engine.

Theme Configuration

Built in background theme configuration panel, with basic settings, SEO settings, advertising settings and other major options, it does not need to modify the code, is simple to use, easy to operate, new and old customers can easily get started.

More topic details can be viewed on the demo site. On the whole, this is a zblog template with complete basic functions, friendly SEO, and suitable for individual users to build small information websites.