Zblog Industrial Products Website Theme zbindustry

Zblog enterprise theme applicable to the website of mechanical parts industrial products company

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Zblog Industrial Products Website Theme zbindustry
 Zblog Industrial Products Website Theme zbindustry


A classic blue design, the zblog theme, which includes slide show, product center, case display, news, company profile, company advantages, partners and other modules, has exquisite design, rich modules, reasonable structure, perfect configuration and excellent SEO effect. The whole station adopts responsive adaptive design, supports access to terminal devices such as PC computers, tablets and mobile phones, and is compatible with current mainstream browsers such as IE10+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. It is a set of zblog corporate themes suitable for building websites of industrial product manufacturing industries such as parts industry and machinery industry.


Home display module

The home page is designed with a number of exquisite content information modules, each playing a different display role.

  • The Product Center uses the left menu+right product display mode. It supports the display of up to three levels of product column structure, as well as the display of the latest released products. It supports user-defined display of the number of products;

  • [Customer cases] It uses the display type of left and right image and text carousel, and automatically carousel the latest ten cases;

  • [Company Profile] is the layout method of the left figure and the right text. You can customize the profile summary and set and select the company profile page;

  • [Our advantages] It is used to show the industry leading technical features of the company. The odd even column is staggered, and multiple items can be added;

  • [Contact us] In addition to displaying contact information, it also provides online consultation forms, which can collect customer information such as phone calls and QQ;

  • [Partner] displays the company logo of the partnership, which can be customized;

  • [Latest News] is used to display the latest company news and release notice information;

  • [Information Column] can be used to display industry related news or product related information.

As a zblog enterprise theme, rich page elements are indispensable, so the theme also provides web element content such as friendship links, hotlines, QQ, microblog, WeChat, and public accounts.

Multi style list layout and content styles

Rich content requires rich display forms. The list page theme has four page templates with different layout structures, namely blog list, news list, case list and product list, including plain text list, image text list, image list and other styles, all of which are exquisite and comfortable; The content page has built-in product content and information content, and the page elements are all available, such as relevant recommendations, product details, Lightbox effect, message consultation module, etc., which provides excellent browsing experience.

Either list page template or content page template can be freely selected and used to fully meet the display requirements of different contents.

Satisfactory SEO optimization

The front end is written with standard html+css+jquery code, standardized responsive adaptive layout, and carefully optimized structural code, which is concise and not bloated, and compatible with major mainstream browsers; Perfect SEO settings, supporting customized titles, keywords and descriptions of home page, category page, tab page, article page and single page; It supports delayed image loading and Lightbox image light box effect, has a good browsing experience, and meets the optimization requirements of search engines.