Zblog Home Furniture Product Website Theme zbhome

Zblog enterprise theme suitable for Chinese furniture product company website

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Zblog Home Furniture Product Website Theme zbhome
 Zblog Home Furniture Product Website Theme zbhome


This is a zblog template that uses the brown color matching with Chinese furniture as the main color of the template, and is suitable for building the website of Chinese furniture products company. The overall design concept of the template is based on product display. Through simple and classic module structure layout, it brings customers a comfortable and clear browsing experience.


The theme home page consists of three modules: product center, news center and enterprise profile. The product center supports the setting of multiple different classification columns and user-defined display quantity; The news center calls the latest six pieces of information in the column, of which the first piece of information is displayed in the form of a large picture; The enterprise profile adopts the display mode of text introduction+promotional video, which makes the browsing experience more intuitive.
The topic list has built-in templates of article title list and picture list, which correspond to news and information columns and product center columns respectively. The two templates can be selected and used according to your needs.

The theme content also provides two templates of different styles used by news and products, which can also be freely selected and used according to their own needs.

The theme setting can be directly operated in the background theme configuration panel. It can set the column calling, contact information, SEO and other contents of the theme display, and is simple to use and easy to operate.

In terms of theme SEO, the title, keyword and description of the customized homepage/category page/tab page/article page/single page are supported; The front end is written in standard HTML+CSS+JQ code, which has been carefully optimized, simple code, clear logic, compatible with current mainstream browsers, and supports access and browsing of computers, tablets, mobile phones and other terminal devices. The user experience is high, and all aspects meet the optimization requirements of search engines.

Overall, this is a simple and perfect zblog template theme suitable for small companies to build product display websites!