Zblog Decoration Company Website Template zbdesign

Zblog corporate theme suitable for interior decoration design and decoration industry company website

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Zblog Decoration Company Website Template zbdesign
 Zblog Decoration Company Website Template zbdesign


The zblog theme designed and developed specifically for the website of companies in the decoration industry uses the yellow style with design breath, the enterprise CMS theme style, the overall interface is beautiful and atmospheric, the module structure is reasonable and practical, and the responsive adaptive layout is adopted, which supports desktop computer and mobile phone device access, and is compatible with the latest version of the browser, It has a good user browsing experience!


Theme Home Page

According to the content characteristics of the decoration company, we have designed a large carousel map, design style menu, picture work cases, rolling designer display, graphic construction site and multi column news information module. The module is rich and the information content is displayed comprehensively, which can meet the various content display needs of the decoration company's website.

Column List

The rich content needs multi style display methods. According to different column contents, appropriate classified list templates are built in, including designer list suitable for team display, two column article list suitable for news announcement, two column graphic list suitable for information channel, two column graphic list suitable for product case display, and three column graphic layout suitable for site construction display, There are five list templates, which can be freely selected.

Content Template

According to different content types, three content style templates are built in the theme, including regular information content article templates, with page elements such as related information, comments and messages; The content template of the work display is displayed in the form of multi picture carousel of the work. The editor directly uploads pictures in batches and automatically calls; There is also the content template introduced by team members, which mainly displays the designer's personal information. The page is simple, clear and intuitive.

Other templates

In addition to the above templates, the theme also provides a regular single page template that can be used to create online messages, company profiles, legal statements and other pages, and an online consultation form page template that can be used to collect visitor information and understand customer needs. It can provide visitors with information such as name, contact number, garden community, etc. The submitted information is saved in the background, Helps to identify potential customers.

SEO optimization

The theme is developed using standard front-end code, and has been carefully optimized. The code is simple, logic is clear, compatible with mainstream browsers, and meets the requirements of search engine optimization; At the same time, it supports the customization of the title, keyword and description of the home page, category page, tab page, article page and single page, which has a good optimization foundation. The overall theme meets high SEO friendliness.

Theme Settings

The theme integrates the background theme configuration panel, and can complete the relevant option settings required by the theme without modifying the code, including but not limited to logo upload, category column call, contact information and other contents. It is easy to operate, simple and easy to use, and can be quickly configured by new and old users.

As a whole, the theme is a zblog enterprise theme that is very suitable for small and medium-sized decoration design companies to build websites. More page details can be accessed to the demo station for experience.