Zblog studio website theme MZA studio

Zblog template for design studio and photography studio website

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Zblog studio website theme MZA studio
 Zblog studio website theme MZA studio

Topic introduction

It is suitable for the design of Web site, the design of photography studio and so on.

 Zblog studio website theme MZA studio

The theme home page mainly adopts the form of various picture typesetting and display. It is designed with large picture and text slide, list type service scope, picture type work display, rolling type successful cases and graphic news information module. The module is perfect, the display is rich, the vision is beautiful, and the overall atmosphere is fashionable and comfortable.

The list page provides three typesetting methods, namely, article list layout for news information, full screen pure picture layout for work display and picture Title Layout for successful cases, which largely meets different display requirements.

The content page has two display templates, news content template with sidebar and work content template with one column layout. The sidebar of news content template can call popular articles, hot comments articles, recommended articles and the default modules of zblog, such as tag list; The work content template supports image zooming and preview, photo related works, and graphic up and down articles.

The front end uses standard HTML + CSS + JS, the code is concise and standard, the logic is clear and compatible with mainstream browsers; The background theme configuration panel is provided, and the title, keywords and description of the first page, category page, tab, article content page and single page can be customized. The overall theme meets the requirements of SEO for web source code, and has a friendly SEO optimization foundation.

Theme features:

  • Standard front-end code, in line with SEO optimization requirements;

  • Two kinds of list layout and two kinds of content display forms;

  • Support the user-defined classification title, keywords and description;

  • Support the user-defined label title, keyword and description;

  • Support to customize the title, keywords and description of a single page;

  • Support the user-defined article title, keywords and description;

  • Responsive structure design, supporting computer, tablet and mobile terminal equipment access;

  • Compatible with ie10 +, Firefox, chrome, Safari and other mainstream browsers;

  • ……