Zblog We Media SEO Template mzastart

Two columns of exquisite design, simple atmosphere, personal we media blog zblog template

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Zblog We Media SEO Template mzastart
 Zblog We Media SEO Template mzastart


The twin template of the three column structure we media blog zblog theme mzaorigin, continues the design of the head and bottom of the mzaorigin theme, and re adopts a two column layout responsive structure, a large relevance carousel map, a long width image and text typesetting list, and content and overall color adjustment. The overall design is rich, intuitive, simple, grand, and exquisite.


Support the background module management sidebar, sidebar 2 and sidebar 3, which correspond to the home page, article page and list page respectively. While defaulting to the zblog module, it has its own webmaster data feature module, random article module, big picture hot review article module and commonly used popular article module, which can be directly called and adjusted in the background module management, which is simple and easy to use.

Built in list, article beginning and article end three advertising spaces, support league advertising code or custom HTML code; Support the customization of the title, keyword and description of each page to improve the efficiency of SEO settings; The background theme configuration panel is provided, which can directly manage the advertising code in the background, and carry out basic SEO settings, contact information settings, slide settings, and advertising settings. It is simple to use and easy to operate.

The theme is based on Z-Blog PHP 1.7.0+, and supports the latest version of zblog program. The front end uses standard HTML+CSS+JQUERY code, conforms to SEO optimization specifications, and is compatible with IE10+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and other current mainstream browsers.

Exquisite and beautiful design and standard code are good choices for building SEO optimization websites and personal We Media blog websites.