Zblog We Media Blog Topic mzaorigin

Delicate design, simple and comfortable, suitable for the zblog theme of our media blog website!

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Zblog We Media Blog Topic mzaorigin
 Zblog We Media Blog Topic mzaorigin


The elaborately designed and painstakingly created boutique zblog theme adopts a left, middle and right three column layout structure and responsive adaptive design. It has a high browsing experience on PC, mobile phone and tablet.


It supports sidebar module management. While beautifying the default module of zblog, it comes with four sidebar modules: hot review articles, popular articles, random articles and webmaster information. You can freely adjust the left or right columns of the website in the background [module management], and easily enrich the content on both sides. (PS: The mobile terminal does not display content other than the webmaster information in the left column)

Basic SEO settings are supported. Title, keywords and description can be set separately for the home page, category page, article page, tab page and page to help optimize the website's SEO.

There are three built-in advertising spaces, which are located at the beginning of the list, the beginning of the article, and the end of the article. Alliance advertising code and custom HTML code are supported.

The background management panel is provided to quickly configure the content related to the theme, which is easy to use and convenient.

In addition, WeChat, Weibo QQ icon button, carousel map and other characteristic designs.

Theme features:

  • Support the latest version of Z-Blog PHP program;

  • Standard front-end website code, meeting SEO optimization requirements;

  • Support user-defined category titles, keywords and descriptions;

  • Support user-defined tag title, keyword and description;

  • Support user-defined page title, keyword and description;

  • Support user-defined article titles, keywords and descriptions;

  • Responsive structural design, supporting access to computers, tablets and mobile phone terminal devices;

  • Compatible with IE10+ Firefox, Chrome, Safari and other mainstream browsers;

  • ……