White zblog information blog topic mzablog

It is suitable for zblog topics of informative blog websites with rich content updates

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White zblog information blog topic mzablog
 White zblog information blog topic mzablog


A zblog template of the same style evolved from the theme of mzalog. The same white main color, and the embellishment color is adjusted to blue. It is compatible with the responsive two column structure layout of mobile phone and PC, and is designed with multiple display modules such as rotating pictures, recommended articles, popular articles, hot reviews, random articles, classified articles, and advertising spaces, Compared with the mzalog theme, it is more substantial, and is a zblog theme suitable for information blogs.


Appearance interface

The elegant white interface shows the grand design style. With a reasonable layout structure, clear content layout, clean and comfortable visual experience, the author focuses more on website content creation.

Content module

Simple design, rich modules. The home page has two intuitive and prominent display modules, namely, rotating pictures and author recommendations; It supports the default sidebar module and integrates theme styles, and has three characteristic modules: hot review articles, random articles, and popular articles; At the bottom, classified articles are called to enrich the content of the website.

In addition, four default advertising spaces are configured at the top of the whole station/the bottom of the list/the beginning of the article/the end of the article, as well as supporting customized advertisements in the sidebar; Four icon buttons of social networking sites: WeChat, Twitter, Weibo and QQ; Make the website elements more abundant.

Theme SEO

Standard and standard front-end code, carefully optimized code details, simplified without overstaffing; Equipped with customized settings for title, keyword and description of home page, category page, tab page, article page, and single page. Overall, it caters to the requirements of SEO optimization for website code.


It has a background configuration panel to simplify the theme operation steps to the greatest extent. Uploading logos, adding advertising codes, and selecting calling classifications can all be done in the background panel. Setting can be completed without operating codes, reducing the time cost of theme setting, and leaving more time for content updates.

Device Compatible

Responsive adaptive design, standard code, compatible with all types of mainstream terminal access devices, can be well compatible with mainstream browsers on PC and mobile terminals such as IE10+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc., and has a good access and browsing experience.