Zblog information website CMS template mzaadapt

Beautiful atmosphere, rich content display CMS information website zblog template

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Zblog information website CMS template mzaadapt
 Zblog information website CMS template mzaadapt

Topic introduction

This is a zblog theme suitable for all kinds of industry information websites. It uses strict black-and-white red matching, with a maximum width of 1440px. It adopts responsive structure and adaptive layout. The overall design is beautiful and atmospheric. It supports PC computers, tablet computers, mobile phones and other equipment browsers, and has a very good browsing experience.

 Zblog information website CMS template mzaadapt

The theme provides rich content display modules on the premise of satisfying the exquisite interface.

At the top of the home page, you can call the small editing template articles set in the background to display in the form of text and title. You can set and recommend multiple articles. If the number exceeds five, it will be displayed in dynamic rotation effect.

The front page classified article module provides three different typesetting styles, i.e. graphic list, picture list and information list. It supports the setting of free choice. Each module provides a separate advertising space and supports HTML + JS advertising code, which greatly meets the display needs of different categories of websites.

In addition to the classified module advertising space, the theme also provides four advertising spaces, namely, the top of the whole station, the category list, the beginning and the end of the content. In addition, it also supports the new module in the sidebar to add advertisements, give enough space to display advertisements, and improve the revenue of the website.

Topics support the default sidebar, sidebar 1 and sidebar 2 in Z-blog module management, which correspond to the home page, article page and list page respectively. In addition to the default sidebar module, there are also built-in three beautiful theme sidebar modules, namely popular articles, hot comment articles and random articles, which can be added and moved automatically.

Theme for the needs of SEO, support the user-defined home page, classification, tags, as well as the title, keywords and description of the article page; The front end of the whole station is developed with standard HTML + CSS + jQuery code, and all page codes meet the requirements of search engine optimization.

In terms of theme setting, a convenient background theme configuration panel is provided, which supports logo upload, browser icon upload, thumbnail switch, ICP record number filling, right mouse button forbidden, mouse selection prohibited, QQ / wechat / microblog settings, advertising code settings and basic SEO settings. It can be operated without modifying the code. Xiaobai can also use it easily.

In addition to the above features, there are other details of the theme, you can visit the demo station experience, if you are planning to build an information-based website through zblog, this theme will be a good choice!