Classic two column zblog blog theme dream

A zblog template suitable for blog logs and information websites

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Classic two column zblog blog theme dream
 Classic two column zblog blog theme dream


Dark blue style design, the maximum width of the main body is 1440 pixels, a blog website type zblog theme with a responsive adaptive two column structure layout, developed using standard HTML, CSS, jQuery front-end language code, compatible with mainstream browsers on computer and mobile terminals such as IE10+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and meets the SEO optimization requirements of major search engines.

 Classic two column zblog blog theme dream

The top left side calls website title+website subtitle, and does not support uploading logo images; The top right side calls the navigation bar in module management, which does not support drop-down menus.

The left side of the main body is the article list or article content, and the home page calls the carousel graph module, which relies on the ResponsiveSlides slide plug-in; The right side calls the sidebar module, which supports the system module provided with Z-Blog, adjusts the style for each module, and also supports the creation of new modules to add custom HTML advertisements.

The footer is designed with three display modules: blogger, website statistics and reader wall. Among them, the blogger calls the personal profile of the website administrator, the website statistics calls the statistics module of the zblog system, and the reader wall displays the Gavatar avatar of the most commented visitors or users.

The content page is a regular article template, containing commonly used content elements, such as title, date, author, category, content, tag, number of views and comments.

The overall design orientation of the theme is an ordinary personal blog information type zblog theme, which is suitable for building a zblog site for daily blog posts, blogs, information reviews and other articles.

In addition, this is a free topic. Deleting the author link may cause the template to be unavailable. If you need to customize it, please contact the author for a fee based customization service.