Blue zblog Two column blog topic blueblog

A zblog blog information website theme suitable for novice users

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Blue zblog Two column blog topic blueblog
 Blue zblog Two column blog topic blueblog


Blueblog is a two column zblog theme with blue and white tone and graphic and text list layout. It adopts a responsive adaptive structure layout, supports browser access on desktop computers, mobile phones and tablet computers, is compatible with current mainstream browsers, has good seo performance, and generally meets the optimization requirements of search engines.

 Free blue zblog with two column blog topics supporting slides blueblog

  • The top of the theme is composed of bar bar, logo, search box and navigation menu. Navigation supports two-level drop-down menu, and supports background modification of content, such as uploading and replacing logo images, managing menu column pages, etc.

  • At the top and bottom is the carousel chart module. Depending on the slideshow plug-in responseslides, you can choose whether to install the display or not.

  • The content body is a two column structure, with the sidebar on the right. The system module that supports background module management can be added and displayed freely; On the left is a list of articles with content. The list uses graphic layout to automatically extract the first picture and content summary of the article.

  • At the bottom is the Copyright information, which is displayed by custom call. Some confidence can be modified in the background website settings.

  • The theme supports customizing the title, keyword and description of the home page. It can be set directly in the background without modifying the code. However, if you need more settings, you can use the relevant zblog plug-in or suggest the theme candidate to customize the function.

The overall theme is relatively simple. The minimum support is zblog php version 1.7.0. There is little difference between the use and the default theme provided by zblog. It is positioned as a new zblog blog theme and suitable for building information personal blog websites.