Zblog Taobao guest theme aymtwenty

Fine Z-Blog theme for Taobao guest website

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Zblog Taobao guest theme aymtwenty
 Zblog Taobao guest theme aymtwenty


A simple and beautiful zblog Taobao guest template, with two column layout, responsive structure, adaptive computer, mobile phone or tablet and other devices, is suitable for product promotion in online shopping malls such as Taobao and JD.

 Zblog Taobao guest theme aymtwenty

The home page is designed with a carousel chart, data statistics, and top recommendation module; The sidebar is equipped with modules such as hot topic recommendation, latest recommendation, hot comment recommendation, editor recommendation, etc; It provides two types of list layout and content layout of goods and information, and automatically displays the corresponding styles according to the selected template.

SEO is written using standard HTML+CSS+JQUERY, and supports customized home page, classification, tag, article, and title, keyword and description of single page.

The background theme configuration panel is provided, which is easy to apply and operate.

Theme features:

  • Standard front-end code, meeting SEO optimization requirements;

  • Support user-defined category titles, keywords and descriptions;

  • Support user-defined tag title, keyword and description;

  • Support user-defined page title, keyword and description;

  • Support user-defined article titles, keywords and descriptions;

  • Responsive structural design, supporting access to computers, tablets and mobile phone terminal devices;

  • Compatible with IE10+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and other mainstream browsers;

  • ……

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