Zblog enterprise theme aymtwelve

The company's products and case demonstration zblog theme are beautiful and grand

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Zblog enterprise theme aymtwelve
 Zblog enterprise theme aymtwelve


The deep blue atmosphere zblog enterprise template is very beautiful overall. The home page is designed with large rotating pictures, product column menus, latest product displays, case lists, news updates, contact information and other content modules, which are suitable for the establishment of small and medium-sized enterprises' official websites or product display websites; Two kinds of inner page list layouts of news and products, which can be switched freely; The whole station adopts a responsive adaptive structure, and a one-stop solution for PC, tablet and mobile phones to meet the needs of different terminal devices for access and browsing experience.


Theme features:

  • Developed and produced based on zblog php 1.5.2;

  • Support user-defined classification title keywords、description;

  • Support custom tag title keywords、description;

  • Support custom page title keywords、description;

  • Support custom article title keywords、description;

  • Built in image and image text classified list article templates, free choice;

  • Built in single column and side bar single page templates;

  • Built in theme configuration panel, easy to operate and set;

  • Responsive structure, adaptive computer and mobile phone terminal equipment;

  • Compatible with IE10+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and other mainstream browsers;

  • ……