Zblog blog topic aymthirten

Exquisite Z-blog template for blog information website

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Zblog blog topic aymthirten
 Zblog blog topic aymthirten

Topic introduction

Exquisite blue style, three column response structure, zblog theme, social button on the left side of the interface, rotation chart of the home page, module column on the right side, with built-in picture and text latest articles, hot comments articles and popular articles modules; Single graph and multi graph are two kinds of article list layout; Built in top, article, list three advertising positions; Support the user-defined settings of title, keywords and description of home page, category, label, article and single page; Support theme configuration panel, easy to use and operate.

It is compatible with browser, browser and other mainstream devices, such as Android, Android, Android, etc.

 Zblog blog topic aymthirten

Theme features:

  • Based on the latest version of zblog PHP development and production;

  • Support the user-defined classification title, keywords and description;

  • Support custom tags title, keywords and description;

  • Support user-defined page title, keywords and description;

  • It supports user-defined article title, keywords and description;

  • Support the default sidebar of background module management;

  • Support background module management sidebar 2 is only displayed on the home page, it is recommended to call friendship links;

  • Support single chart and multi chart two kinds of list article typesetting, and can freely switch when editing articles separately;

  • Built in theme configuration panel, easy to operate and set up;

  • Built in three advertising spaces, support the side bar new module to add advertising;

  • Built in graphics and text module of the latest articles, popular articles and hot comments articles;

  • Responsive structure, adaptive computer, mobile phone terminal equipment;

  • Compatible with IE9 +, Firefox, chrome, Safari and other mainstream browsers;

  • For more, please visit the demo station to experience