Zblog blog topic aymsixth

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Zblog blog topic aymsixth
 Zblog blog topic aymsixth

Topic introduction

The zblog theme of simple classic two column structure blog style, the main body of 1440 pixels, atmospheric red main color, list articles left figure right text layout, without too much interactive effect, icon embellishment, the main theme is exquisite, simple, compact and fast, so that the blog can have a very good browsing experience in computers, tablets, mobile phones.

Three user-defined advertising spaces are reserved for the article list, the beginning of the article and the end of the article. It supports the new module of the sidebar to add advertisements, integrates the sidebar module of the latest articles and popular articles with exquisite styles, and the built-in theme configuration panel, which can customize the logo, the basic settings of SEO, and the customized advertisement.


Theme features:

  • Based on zblog PHP 1.5.2;

  • Support the user-defined classification title, keywords and description;

  • Support custom tags title, keywords and description;

  • Support user-defined page title, keywords and description;

  • It supports user-defined article title, keywords and description;

  • Built in theme configuration panel, easy to operate and set up;

  • Responsive structure, adaptive computer, mobile phone terminal equipment;

  • Compatible with ie10 +, Firefox, chrome, Safari and other mainstream browsers;

  • ……