Zblog CMS information topic aymsenteen

Suitable for information website, picture display website and enterprise product website

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Zblog CMS information topic aymsenteen
 Zblog CMS information topic aymsenteen

Topic introduction

Using blue design, responsive structure, suitable for the zblog CMS template of news information website. The design includes news carousel chart, the latest release, small partial recommended fixed content module, and unlimited number of classified content module modules. Each module has a separate advertising space, and provides five different classification module styles. You can freely select the module style that the classification can choose to display.

 Zblog CMS information topic aymsenteen

Using this theme, through different module styles, you can easily build CMS information website, picture website or enterprise website, which is very convenient.

The theme uses the standard front-end code development and production, and the background supports the user-defined home page, classification, tag, article, single page title, keywords and description, which can play a good auxiliary role in SEO.

Theme features:

  • Based on the latest version of zblog PHP development and production;

  • Support to customize the title, keyword and description of category / tag / article / single page;

  • It provides a convenient theme configuration panel, which is easy to operate and set up;

  • Built in a number of advertising spaces, support the sidebar new module to add advertising;

  • Provide separate advertising space for each category module on the home page;

  • The latest / hot / hot review article module with graphic layout;

  • It adopts responsive structure and adapts to computer and mobile terminal equipment;

  • Compatible with IE9 +, Firefox, chrome, Safari and other mainstream browsers.