Zblog blog theme aymfreeone

A simple white zblog theme based on MIP

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Zblog blog theme aymfreeone
 Zblog blog theme aymfreeone

Topic introduction

Basic Baidu mobile Web Accelerator MIP development of a zblog template, white simple style type, one column response structure, graphic information typesetting, four column layout.

The free zblog theme aymfreeone is based on the simple and easy-to-use design concept. It does not need powerful configuration functions. It only provides simple logo upload, banner upload and statistical code setting functions. It can be used after startup. The ease of use is the same as the zblog default theme.


Theme features:

  • Based on zblog PHP 1.5.2;

  • MIP development based on Baidu mobile Web accelerator;

  • The structure of mobile phone is self-adaptive and computer-based;

  • Compatible with ie10 +, Firefox, chrome, Safari and other mainstream browsers;

  • Free