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Topic introduction

The exquisite small CMS information website template is configured with common content modules of CMS type websites: carousel chart, recommended information, classified articles, etc. the template uses the responsive adaptive page structure, and is compatible with PC, mobile phone, tablet and other terminal devices. It is developed and produced based on zblog PHP, and supports the customization of home page, category page, tag page and title, keywords, and single page Description setting.

Four advertising spaces are preset for the theme, corresponding to the home page, list page and article content page respectively. The sidebar module of popular articles and latest articles is built in, and the secondary drop-down menu is supported.


Theme features:

  • Based on the latest version of zblog PHP development and production;

  • Support the user-defined classification title, keywords and description;

  • Support custom tags title, keywords and description;

  • Support user-defined page title, keywords and description;

  • It supports user-defined article title, keywords and description;

  • Built in theme configuration panel, easy to operate and set up;

  • Built in multiple advertising positions, the sidebar supports the new module to add advertising;

  • Responsive structure, adaptive computer, mobile phone terminal equipment;

  • Compatible with ie10 +, Firefox, chrome, Safari and other mainstream browsers;

  • ……

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