Taobao legal statement


Latest edition: August 19, 2019

Ownership of rights


Unless otherwise stated by Taobao, all official products, technologies, software, programs All rights (including copyright, trademark right, patent right, trade secret and other related rights) of data and other information (including text, icon, picture, photo, audio, video, chart, color combination, layout design, etc.) belong to Alibaba group and / or its affiliated companies. Without the prior permission of Alibaba group and / or its affiliated companies, anyone who uses the above contents and information may infringe the rights of Alibaba group and / or its affiliated companies, and we will investigate the infringer's legal liability. In case of any need for publicity, display, etc., you must obtain the prior permission of Alibaba group and / or its affiliated companies.


Information restrictions

In order to maintain the normal operation order and efficiency of, without the permission of Alibaba group and / or its affiliated companies, no one shall, on its own, authorize or assist a third party to scan and / or detect Taobao website and its system, such as address scanning, network port scanning, operating system detection, etc., or monitoring, copying, spreading, or monitoring through robots, spiders and other programs or devices Display, mirror image, upload, download and other means to obtain and use any content in Taobao.


Limitation of liability


In view of the fact that the information release service provided by Taobao belongs to the nature of electronic bulletin board (BBS), the store and commodity information (including but not limited to the shop name, company name, contact person and contact information, product description and description, relevant pictures and videos, etc.) on Taobao are provided and uploaded by users themselves, and users shall bear corresponding legal responsibilities for the information provided and uploaded. Taobao service provider will clarify with you in relevant agreements or other legal texts if otherwise agreed.

Taobao reprinted works (including forum content) for the purpose of transmitting more information, does not mean that we agree with its views or have confirmed the authenticity of its content.


Intellectual property protection


We respect intellectual property rights and oppose and combat violations of intellectual property rights. If the intellectual property right holder thinks that the content of Taobao (including but not limited to the commodity information released by users of Taobao) infringes on his / her legitimate rights and interests, he / she can use the Alibaba intellectual property protection platform( )For complaints, we will deal with them in time according to the corresponding laws and regulations and platform rules after receiving the qualified notice of intellectual property rights holders.


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