Query solution of URP educational administration Intranet
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Query solution of URP educational administration Intranet

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At present, there are some problems in many schools, such as educational outsourcing, poor technology of operation and maintenance personnel, less server resources, so the general educational administration system will not be exposed in the external network. But the result inquiry, the curriculum inquiry this kind Just need I have to study how to penetrate the intranet.


at present I know There are: SSH tunnel, FRP, ngrok, peanut shell, but the speed of SSH tunnel is general, the high service price of peanut shell has not been considered. In addition, there are VPS in hand, so we prefer to use the existing resources to compare and select between FRP and ngrok.

ngrok( https://github.com/inconshreveable/ngrok

  1. Ngrok1 is an open source version, which has many known problems (there is a memory leak bug in the HTTP mode). The source of ngrok2 is closed, and it seems that the government does not intend to open source, only open source the client side
  2. Ngrok needs to compile its own program, because ngrok uses certificate verification, and the certificate is directly compiled into the EXE file, so it is necessary to compile the client and server by itself

frp( https://github.com/fatedier/frp

  1. Completely open source
  2. There are Chinese documents
  3. Future plans: FRPs supports direct reverse proxy, similar to haproxy; FRPC supports load balancing to different back-end services.

By comparison, it is found that FRP fully meets my requirements, so we have the following solution:


Now that we have started raspberry pie, we will continue to record the implementation process of the whole scheme.
In addition, FRP one click script is recommended http://www.lu8.win/frp.html There are also one key scripts for ngrok and n2n.

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  1. allIn

    Hello, I want to ask a question. Can I connect three intranet servers with FRP through a server in the public network

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    Ask God for help

  3. Great plan. I'll try it too. Ha ha.

  4. Ji Changxin

    Our school provides campus VPN

    1. @Ji Changxin

      Providing is the best. Our garbage school has nothing