Part. Three. Front end job model
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Part. Three. Front end job model

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 Standardization of front-end interview process

Job title   P5 P6 P7 P8 P9
Job characteristics   Solid foundation and high quality completion Be on your own and assist the team Domain experts, influence teams Field breakthrough and business value added Create something out of nothing and lead change
Job responsibilities Business understanding and Implementation
(the business here includes technical products)
1. Actively understand the business and actively participate in the business review;
2. Independently and with high quality to complete the established tasks (complex modules or simple projects);
3. Actively pay attention to data and understand the current situation through data;
1. Deeply understand the business planning, take the initiative to think, and have certain business opinions;
2. Lead the front-end technical scheme design of the project and solve the front-end risk of the project;
3. Locate and solve problems through data;
1. Participate in business planning, fully understand business objectives and find business pain points;
2. Leading business front-end technical architecture or solving core technical problems in the field;
3. Discover key problems in business through data and launch optimization projects;
1. Participate in business decision-making and predict business development trend;
2. Lead the technical structure of front-end team or field, and make certain technical breakthroughs;
3. Establish systematic data system to promote business development or experience upgrading;
1. Have certain thinking on the industry or industry to promote business change;
2. Lead the development of front-end technology and promote business breakthrough through technological change and architecture upgrading;
3. Promote the integration and evolution of front-end and upstream and downstream technologies, and give full play to the overall value of technology;
Precipitation and inheritance of Technology 1. Participate in the infrastructure construction of the team, submit issue and contribution code, and participate in the preparation of technical documents;
2. Actively share technology;
1. Refine solutions to improve efficiency and quality, and apply them to the team;
2. Actively improve the team knowledge base and explore technology patents;
1. Lead and promote the team infrastructure construction and improve the front-end technology ecology of the group;
2. Organize or participate in team technical training;
1. Deeply participate in the formulation of front-end specifications, standards and processes of the group, and promote the implementation; 1. Promote the innovation of a certain field in front of the group;
Team building and development   1. Tutoring new people 1. Coach the core staff of the team;
2. Promote the construction of team technology culture;
1. Mining senior talents in the industry;
2. Participate in the construction of the group's front-end talent development system;
1. Layout for the future and attract top talents in the industry;
2. Promote the overall development of the group's front-end and enhance the value of front-end posts;
General capability Learning and speculation   learn in order to practise
Be able to learn knowledge actively and planned, apply flexibly according to the current business situation, explore and find the optimal solution.
intensive study
Can learn from and learn from industry experience, in-depth study of the technical field, solve existing problems in the field or improve the system.
System construction
Be able to learn systematically and structurally, have depth and breadth, abstract the field, establish or upgrade the system.
achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject
It can penetrate the upstream and downstream technologies, think about the whole link, and promote the technology integration and evolution.
Cooperation and win win effective communication
Be able to communicate with upstream and downstream actively and effectively, arrange work priority reasonably, and complete with high quality.
Efficient collaboration
Be able to clearly express their own views and plans and reach consensus with others; have the sense of owner, be able to effectively identify, feedback and solve risks, ensure the implementation of the project and promote the achievement of objectives.
Promoting success
Be able to promote the upstream and downstream, form a joint force, have strong project management ability, lead the team or project to achieve the goal.
Be able to jump out of the current position, stand in a higher perspective, seek common ground while reserving differences, promote cooperation, common development and achieve win-win results.
Planning and landing     Domain planning
Be able to identify the core problems in the current field, formulate strategies, find breakthrough points, promote the implementation and get the results.
Systematic planning
Be able to define team or domain problems, look at the essence through phenomena, form a system map, and obtain results through system tackling and special governance.
Forward looking layout
Be able to accurately judge the future trend, combine with the long-term business strategic planning, form the technical layout and make breakthroughs.
Professional ability professional knowledge The foundation is excellent
1. Master the front-end development language;
2. Understand W3C standard and common network protocol;
3. Be familiar with the working principle of browser and other front-end running containers;
4. Be familiar with the common engineering tools of the front end;
5. Be familiar with the common frame of front end;
Comprehensive knowledge
1. Fully understand the front-end knowledge system;
2. Master the front-end knowledge involved in daily development (development language, standard protocol, working principle, engineering tools, front-end framework, user experience, etc.);
Knowledge expertise
1. Be proficient in the front-end knowledge system of at least one field;
2. Master common design patterns;
3. Be proficient in the design principles of common frames and be able to use them reasonably;
knowledge system
1. Master the overall front-end knowledge system;
2. Understand the knowledge system of upstream and downstream technologies;
Domain intercommunication
1. Familiar with upstream and downstream technical knowledge system;
2. Understand the new technology and be able to establish the front-end system for the future;
Technical realization High quality, maintainable
1. Skillfully use class library to solve business problems, and the project code is maintainable;
2. Have quality awareness and master solutions to problems such as compatibility and performance;
It can improve efficiency and reuse
1. Be able to improve team efficiency by developing or introducing efficiency tools;
2. Be able to refine reusable components and contribute high quality code to component library;
Scalable and portable
1. Be able to complete the program design with high expansibility and high reusability;
2. Have the ability of abstraction, and be able to abstract the domain general architecture scheme according to the characteristics of the scene;
1. Be able to identify system weaknesses and promote system upgrading;
2. Have the ability of product thinking and technical operation, and be able to lead the production and service of front-end technology;
With the ability to integrate upstream and downstream technologies to complete cross domain architecture design and governance.
Business understanding I can understand
Be able to understand PRD, understand business concept and business background.  
Understand the main rules and logic behind the business.
Can affect
Be able to understand the market competition and customer demands of the business, and accurately judge its business value.
Overall view
Be able to analyze and think about the overall situation of the industry.
Forward looking
Have industry or industry insight, can accurately judge the development trend.
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