Ten year agreement

This site has joined Ten year agreement
That is to say, from joining this activity, our blog will not be closed for 10 years or longer, and keep up-to-date and dynamic.

Link notes

Please make sure your station can operate stably
Original blog is preferred, technical blog is preferred, design and visual blog is preferred
Often come to visit and comment, familiar

Note: the default application links are inside the page (current page)

essential information

 Website name: sangsir
website introduction: a wonderful flower in the art world 
 website address:

At the same time, welcome to exchange friend chain, this page message can. ^_^

In addition, I will not be able to visit the site to clean up, please ensure that their links are long-term effective.

In memory of Qiu Ben:

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  1. Ah? Could it be that the friend chain was lost when upgrading the system?
    It has been added back. I'm sorry

    1. @idealclover

      OK, OK, we are still good neighbors, hhhhhh, recovered~

  2. Peer, see in the cattle guest online Ali big man, make a friend chain, learn from you!
    Jianxin blog

    1. @Janking

      Learning together! Link added~

  3. The black sheep

    Domain name:
    Station Name: Chen Shuo

  4. Can friends exchange home page links?

    1. @RAKsmart VPS

      Yes, website title and link reply, I add

      1. @SangSir

        Added your site link
        My station:
        Station Name: raksmart VPS

        Apply to exchange home link.

        1. @RAKsmart VPS

          All stations have been added~

  5. Py friends?
    Personal homepage of Cuicui sauce

    1. @idealclover

      Py success, a Cui

  6. ##Website name:
    ##Website address:

    1. @Blog now

      OK, added