Lab subdomain supports HTTP and HTTPS encrypted access
Mobile phone access can be viewed by dragging the table from right to left


entry name introduce demonstration Source code
Message board Dual mode switchable Github
Sign on Check in system
(face recognition + GPS positioning + EXIF. JS)
Demo Github
My footprints in the world Life needs to move on
To appreciate different landscapes
Vue-blog Click here to download apk Demo
Text classics timetable Wechat applet Demo Github


API name introduce link Source code
extractAlipay Extract the order collection information of Alipay
For more information, see GitHub
ApiUrl Github
One sentence - API type:hitokoto/sexy
Request:? Type = sex
Return: I am a practical person, I only believe in long-term love.
Request:? Type = sex & action = JS
Return: function sex() {}
Request:? Type = hitokoto & action = count
Return: currently included: 1412 data
Class / teacher schedule / empty classroom query Curriculum schedule of School of Arts and economics of Yantai University
For more information, see website
ApiUrl WebSite
typecho-api JSON API plug-in based on Typecho
For more information, see GitHub
ApiUrl Github


Script name Environmental Science download
PPTP vpn CentOS 6.x Download
CentOS 6.x Download
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