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Gigabyte Aero15 usage experience

After the entrance examination, I had the first notebook: Gigabyte Aero15 i7-8 [... ]

Campus landscape

Use millet MIX 2S to shoot, open AI camera, the rest fully automatic.

2018 college entrance examination

Next semester, senior three, officially become senior three party, blog into irregular weeding state = =

HTTPS comes back.

Spicy chicken free SSL certificate providers seem to hang = =, are seeking new providers. Recommended by @mokeyjay, Tencent has been changed. ]

DIY active infrared night vision system

The name is high-end, actually spicy chicken 2333. Main body: 2 18650 flashlight shells, +1 low illumination cameras, +1 infrared light hands... ]

DIY mobile phone infrared

How to use infrared device to drive a cell phone without infrared? Raw material: infrared diode +3.5mm headphone, this is a diode bought, actually directly from the old remote control. ]

Great teacher quotations

The stage full of spotlights is not my place, and the unseen path from the dark exit is the stage for me to stand. The great teacher will not betray himself from his own efforts. ]