Zero Nine Chart bed
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Of course, it can also be used without registration. The default storage period of uploaded images is 30 days , only suitable for short-term or temporary picture sharing. The open domain name is
[tourists are temporarily prohibited from uploading illegal pictures due to malicious uploading by individual users]

You can also choose to use it cloudflare Lsky Pro project demo site for content distribution Upload and share.
For personal blog site chain pictures need to be preserved for a long time, please add the following QQ group( nine hundred and sixty-three million two hundred and ninety-six thousand two hundred and eleven ), the administrator of Aite will send your user name and site address. After the manual review, your subsequent uploaded images will be stored in the official environment for long-term storage,
Different from temporary storage, the business domain name of the official library is as follows:

Please note: this picture bed is only suitable for uploading pictures on the Internet suitable for public sharing. Please do not use it to back up your private photos! It is forbidden to upload any pictures that violate the laws of mainland China and Hong Kong (at your own risk). In addition, affected by the cache policy, the CDN node will not delete the image immediately after deleting the image. It will be cached for about a week, please know!
In addition, it will be affected by various irresistible factors, such as the network outage of the computer room and the server downtime, which may lead to service interruption. It is strongly recommended that you join the QQ group below in order to receive service announcements in time. If you encounter problems in the use process, you are welcome to timely feedback: Buckle group: 963296211
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