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10 years of overseas IDC industry precipitation; We provide a wide range of products/services to meet your needs, with simple and affordable pricing.

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Hong Kong SSD VPS

Intel ® SSD D3 disk array local storage can provide about 20K 4K random IOPS with strong IO performance.

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Hong Kong ECS

CEPH distributed cluster storage with automatic failover of host nodes, disk snapshot functions, and NVMe cache optimization.

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Hong Kong Independent Server

Hong Kong CTGNet+BGP broadband server, Hong Kong BGP large broadband server, and Hong Kong Huawei cloud broadband server are leased, which support power control.

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Hong Kong PHP virtual host

The underlying system of CloudLinux and DirectAdmin supports PHP version switching and user-defined PHP. ini parameters. SSL is free.

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Domain name registration

Wild Grass Cloud is the top agent of UK UK2, free of filing and available for immediate registration. With our other products, the project will be launched immediately!

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Why choose us

Wild Grass Cloud continues to expand and progress in products and services, and continues to help you achieve great dreams!

Ten years of operation experience

Wild Grass Cloud was founded in June 2012. Years of operating experience has enabled us to have a more mature ability to ensure business stability and become more familiar with your needs.

Stable and high-speed network

We have a self built 10Gbps multi line network in Hong Kong, a direct connection route in China, and a connection with international operators. The speed of the mainland and overseas is excellent.

Simple and affordable price

Without complicated and expensive pricing, we serve small and medium-sized companies/individuals. Since the establishment of Yecaoyun, we have been famous for providing affordable prices.

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