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Set set of Java collection framework

The collection framework includes a series of interfaces and classes to store the collection data interface inheritance diagram {% asset_ IMG interface inheritance relationship. JPG interface inheritance relationship%} collection interface parent interface, providing list, s
Beautiful music

Git common commands

Configuration information $git config -- global user.name "your name" $git config -- global user.emai

Eclipse compile run Android error unable to build: the file dx.jar was not loaded from the SDK folder

[v_ Eclipse failed to run Android. Unable to build: the file DX. Jar was not loaded from the SDK

After installing Android SDK, there is no android management icon on eclipse

[v_ In fact, there are some at the beginning, but the hands are cheap and disorderly. I don't know how to manage the icon. Although it doesn't affect the use, you can start the SDK manager in the SDK directory, but please say the solution. First, open the directory where the SDK is stored, and then run

"Other" upgraded PHP to php7 today

Today, I'm bored. I replaced the VPS system with CentOS 6.7. The PHP environment package was changed from WDCP to oneinstack. The installed php7 is much faster. I don't know whether it is a psychological effect
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"Java" to calculate the volume of the cylinder and the area of the bottom circle

At first, the teacher found that the title of "Ctrl + V" was wrong, but the teacher was lazy to listen to some details And then it was just good
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Add a dandelion effect to the bottom left corner of the website

Foreword just saw a friend asked me how to do the dandelion in the lower left corner of this station. We all guessed that it was code implementation (nonsense) 👿 ) The code of
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"PHP" a PHP code to read the text content of TXT

This program can realize the function of remote announcement. That is, the website here publishes an announcement, and the website on the other side displays this announcement. Someone may have asked, what is the use of this function? Of course, this program can be used to update the content of the webmaster
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PHP database backup script

[v problem_ The blogger changed from windows host to Linux, but encountered the problem that the backup database files in Windows host could not be imported into the database built by Linux. So we found a string of backup numbers

Who is "other"? If you want to log in to the administrator's background, can you not be so boring

[v_ Blue] I'm drunk, too. Do you think it's a dictionary to try out the password one by one? Are you bored? [/v_ blue]

Collection and call of random quotations from animation of "online tools"

Effect [v_ Random quotations, as the name implies, randomly displays a quotation that you have set in advance. There can be countless quotations in this quotation, as long as you have the energy to set enough pre quotations. What is the function of this? Please see the announcement of this blog below

"Windows" has set the U disk as the first startup item of the computer, but it can't enter the PE solution

The problem is that the desktop Lenovo computer used before has a problem with the system. If F12 starts the system directly with u, it will not work well. Recently, I bought an ASUS notebook for professional needs. In order to get familiar with the computer operation (in fact, it is itchy), plug in the U disk starter and start the computer

"Windows" Windows cannot run any programs. Open the task manager and prompt that this interface is not supported

Yesterday, double-click on the registry to import the software. I didn't want to open the register. I didn't want to close the software
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"C language" input the year, month, day of birth and calculate the current age

Description [v_ The C language I learned some time ago was written by my teacher. It's not very technical. But the first code I wrote is now posted as a souvenir_ Please input the year, month and day of birth and calculate the current age code
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"C language" calculates 1-3 + 5-7 + 9-11 Results of 101

At first, I didn't have any ideas at first. Then I wrote one after thinking about it for a long time, but I used a lot of if and looked too long. Later, it suddenly occurred to me that we can use the while judgment to add and subtract with three eye operations. Code is not so long, looking at the code ideas are clear, the title requires calculation 1-3 +