OpenWrt uses its own Dnsmasq shield website (set parsing).

Sometimes, we may want to shield a website (for example, screen millet ads) or set up a parse for a specific website (for example, testing locally before publishing its website). OpenWrt provides a powerful analytical tool Dnsmasq, which is much more powerful than the local Host. Compared with local Host, he supports compatibility and can analyze special types of records.

There are tutorials on the Internet, you need to install Adblock or something, but it is actually a line (exactly three lines) command (Luci does not provide modified location, so it can not be solved on the web page).

 The domain name a type is set up as
uci add_list dhcp.@dnsmasq[0].address= "/".


"OpenWrt uses a Dnsmasq shielding website (set parsing)" to reply.


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