It's coming to an end.

It's coming to an end.

NOIP 2018394 points. At that time, I also thought that the score could be ignorant, but I didn't know that the players of the powerful provinces were already outside 500 points. No, actually I know, but I don't want to admit it. 3 years of time were abandoned by me, and I still did not grasp it for 1 years. By now, everything is coming to an end.

Without Tsinghua north winter camp's invitation, for me, if I want to go to Tsinghua University by way of competition, the only one left is NOI gold medal.

But no, but ah. How can I catch up with too many people in my next 6 months?

How come?

Let's end it all.

The CCF winter camp in January 24th will be my last exam. It was the first and last time in the school of Guang two.

Bless and bless my classmates who come all the way.

I hope you can achieve a good result in the NOI competition in 2019, and be careful on the way!

Thank you, thank you all the way to support me step by step, teachers and parents.

Although I didn't let you see me at the moment in the NOI arena, but in my long and short OI career, you gave me knowledge, and most importantly, warmth and companionship.

May we have the pleasure of seeing you again in the coming year.


January 6th in Guangzhou


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