Ideal and reality

A pile of texts didn't recite, and a lot of things didn't work. It's very frustrating today.

In fact, you know, I know why my project has not made any significant progress since 4 years ago. Maybe I was too idealistic. I gave too many labels to me. Just like father had too many thoughts on his children, I didn't find the key, so that I couldn't achieve it. In fact, this is also part of my action. I am wrong in thinking all the time instead of doing it. It has always been TODO, not Do.

I have to rely on my wish to achieve something, or I want to be respected and respected like some celebrities, but I am wrong. I have been talking about human rights and protecting personal privacy, but if I suddenly have power and status, will I still think so? While I am protecting my personal privacy, what am I doing? I have climbed other people's achievements to spy on other people's privacy. My appeal is not vigorous. What makes people speechless is that I want others to follow my thoughts, but I don't want to admit other people's hobbies. This is a sick way of thinking.

Then again, why am I in a bad mood today? Human beings are a very amazing animal. They always have unrealistic expectations for something. In fact, I am already very good, but I want to get better, but I do not want to pay the price. It is ridiculous, but it is indeed my status quo, I need to change.

I need to change, but I am also confused. What should I change? Next, where should I go? I hope that after a few years, I will not be depressed when I see these words. Fighting!

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  1. Our director is really a good boy.

    But now that you have written it, it means that you have almost figured it out.

    When people are introspection, they usually use bad words to define themselves. A dwarf who is not advanced, lazy, and acts. Then, with a worried face, he thought, "Oh, why?"

    So some people feel shame and then fight bravely and strive for the best. Some people continue to idle away their time in boredom.

    I want to say that you can't see the sky on the ground. When you encounter setbacks in life, it is better to think about what you will do.

    Because of him, you will reflect on what you admire, and most importantly, you like yourself too.

    It's a bit like "ideal self" by Freud.

    Look at him from the perspective of others, and make a portrait of him. His behavior and manner give off a kind of temperament. You may not have thought about what your behavior would bring to others, and think of what the consequences of action would be.

    Then, I think you will get some inspiration and make some changes. This is a totally different angle from "what benefits I have done after that" - you will have a sense of pride in every step of your progress, which is irrelevant to your remuneration for this.

    Do you want to play games tonight? Hello, stop, "you" are learning.
    Summer vacation is going to explode! Hello, "you" have arranged the time for reading and playing time.

    So don't say you can't do it. .

    Believe in yourself... Don't forget, because you and the best of you are the same now.

    Slowly, the sky you are in the distance is waiting for you.

    Tell me something else. From five of the net to my own, it has changed from a simple forum to a series of projects that include all aspects. There are quite a few young people's first xx series.
    During this period, there have been surprises, such as the previous logo, and the class Notepad. Nktry (clam clam nktry is now named tra!), of course, it includes checking points. You say you have infringed on other people's privacy, but don't forget, we started doing this for the people, and privacy is exactly where we can optimize.
    For example, it can be designed to allow people to publish their own information to query other people's information, which not only protects privacy, but also promotes sharing. Why? If you don't share, you can only see your own rankings, share them with your classmates, and you can see your ranking. Moreover, in order to protect privacy, we need to add a system of anti pickpocketing. If someone wants to climb down data like you do? If this project is not stopped by the Education Bureau, it is the eight lifting of the chair of the Education Bureau. Congratulations, you are the real NB.
    Nintendo sent a lawyer's letter to fans for making the same person game. We must do great things in order to fully display your talents.

    Another thing is to control the project as a whole, that is, planning. The first is to seize the main contradiction, which can be the highlight of your plan and the finishing touch. Especially when you are a leader. Sometimes we hope that everything is done with great care, with little detail and great details. It may only reflect your role as a technician, not as a leader. What's more, if you have good ideas in the process of doing so, you may have to reluctantly give up when you are planning too much. There are many good ideas. Maybe this idea can be used in the next item. This project is the project, and the position should be clear. Do you know that some of the buildings in ff15 still have football fields, but there is no way to get in except to go through the walls. This is chaos in project management. On the other hand, Zelda, what the old man has done can be embodied in the game, and the efficiency is naturally high.

    That's all for today. Good night!


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