Analysis of event distribution mechanism in Android notes #1 View


Basically, this article summarizes the View event distribution mechanism in the book "Android art development exploration".

Long ago, the Android Development notes were too chicken.

Brief introduction

As we all know, an event sequence starts with MotionEvent.ACTION_DOWN (pressing), and ends with multiple MotionEvent.MOVE (mobile) and a MotionEvent.ACTION_UP (lifting).

The transfer order of an event is Activity - > Window - > DecorView - > RootView (the View you set up).

ViewGroup is inherited from View, which is also the foundation of the foundation.

The pit of Zhi Yu daily

I didn't expect it! Ben dove thinks of his blog.

When the summer vacation arrived, I felt that time was no more than money. There was no concept of time. 233

I really have nothing to write about. Just tell me what has happened in these two days.

Yesterday I began to write a third party know about daily client.

Because it's too boring. Just do it. Use this API.

Simply talk about the problems before, and the process of development.

Using Hexo

Salty fish is not salty, starting from today (2019.5.25). Hexo La

It took more than a year for Typecho to change the new blog program, though a little unaccustomed, but I think Hexo is more useful than Typecho.

I didn't plan to move in before I wrote the article in Typecho, so is the comment.

The previous cuckoo accident caused the blog to lose many friends, QAQ.

I have gained a lot from blogging.

The heart of salty fish is not only salty, but because of boredom, and now it wants to have a place of sound in complex networks.

In the boundless sea, only this little wave shelter can give me peace of mind.

This is also a new start. The speed of updating blog will follow 233333.

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