Windows prerequisite software collection

Share several practical and efficient computer software

Win7 simple version

The first step: install win7 system under winpe system: enter PE, format c disk, use winrar to decompress the compression package downloaded above to Disk C, and then use bootice to select the hard disk of the installation system: write the master boot record to windows

Ten tips for win10

You may know some of the features you organized by yourself, but it doesn't matter. Maybe some people don't know about it. 1. History of shearboard. Win + V (this item may not be available in the old win10 version) · utools install the shear board plug-in (if win7 or not, the latest version of win10 can use utools)

Some shortcut keys in win10 operating system

This paper will focus on the introduction of some commonly used win10 shortcut keys, which can greatly improve the use efficiency of the computer