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My little brother wanted to open a LOC cloud to make money many years ago, but he had no idea. As a result, several elder brothers prepared the following plans for me. Now that I am developed, I will share them with you for reference

1. I want to sell VPS, but I'm a bit short of money, and hens can only prepare for low configuration. Just when I'm at a loss, a forum elder brother named RP found me
RP: "I heard you want to sell VPS, little brother?"
Me: "yes, brother, but I don't have a way."
RP: "what's so difficult? Listen to my brother's advice. First, set the server configuration higher, and then lower the price. It's better than a 6h6g $30 a year and an 8h8g $40 a year. If the configuration is high and the price is low, you can immediately attract a group of people to buy it."
Me: "brother, this method is good, but my server, a total of 12h12g, it can only sell two sets, 60 dollars a year, I can't even return the capital."
RP: "if you say you are stupid, if you sell 6h6g, you have to give it to 6h6g. If you want me to tell you, I don't have enough half a core."
Me: "what should I do?"
RP: "I'm familiar with this. Come on, SSH the server for me. I'll arrange 70 or 80 units for you. On average, there's still 1 / 6 cores for each. After that, we'll open it at 5:50."

After this, I really sold 80 VPS. In addition to half of the cost, I had to admire RP

2. Later, I made a lot of money selling VPS, but I got a lot of bad reputation because of the poor performance of the machine. I was thinking about how to make some welfare to earn some public praise. Just when I was at a loss, a forum elder brother named Fayun came to me for a private chat. I heard that this old brother was specialized in Chinese business, and he used to call rafts, Later, it was renamed Fayun
Fayun: "it's said that the little brother wants to do welfare? I'll recommend you something, so you can send some cloudflare Pro version to guarantee your reputation."
Me: "brother, that's a good idea, but a subscription costs $300 a year. I can't give a few."
Fayun: "hahaha, I'm familiar with this matter. Brother, I tell you secretly that if you make a Plesk, you can send this thing infinitely. As long as you don't give them the panel, who knows?"
Me: "OK, just listen to my brother. I'll buy one year's subscription right away."
Fayun: "Why don't you know why you don't know how to buy it for a year? You can buy it for a month. When the month comes, you say you want to move. Then you open an IDC in private, which is called ohsnow. Then you say that you have strategic cooperation with ohsnow, and then the migration needs to provide Alipay account password. We need to charge Alipay first and then buy it, so that we can migrate, or we can release it If you give up your qualification, you'll get it

Later, we calculated and sent out 702 of them. After we said that Alipay account and password should be provided for the migration, none of them were really migrated. It's worthy of being brother Fayun. It's no wonder that he can make a fortune in his national life.

3. On a whim, I went to see the financial statements, but found that nearly 20% of them were refunds. I was very distressed. I sent a post to the forum for help. Just when I was at a loss, a forum elder brother named zhime found me
"Little brother, I heard that you do a lot of IDC refund?"
Me: "yes, brother. After reading the financial statement, the refund is one-fifth. It's annoying."
To: "I'm familiar with this. I'll teach you. First, you can change the TOS page, change the refund time to 30-60 days, and then go to the work order page. As long as the work order is issued to urge refund, all the deleted numbers and no refund, the after-sales department will not engage in any QQ group. Just set up a Tg group. As long as you talk about the refund, the robot and the administrator will take turns to forbid it, If you don't delete the number earlier, you will suffer in the future. "
Me: "OK, then listen to my brother."

Sure enough, after I did what my brother said, there were fewer and fewer refunds, and most of them were marked with junk customers and deleted numbers, and the servers were selling better and better, not to mention my brother's powerful.

I've been working on IDC for three years now. I'd like to share these with you. I hope you can make a fortune.


When I was a LOC, I came here to send hearse. First, I sold it to mjj for 10 yuan a month, and then paid 100 yuan a year for selling points. Later, within a month, I made the machine difficult to use. Mjj started to post and scold me for selling. I used the trumpet to recycle the two and three percent discount. In less than two months, all of them were recovered. Finally, the monthly payment of hens was cancelled, and the white wolf with empty hands earned the first pot of gold.


PR, cloud valve, Penguin House, the world's top waste VPS supplier

This paper was published by jdjx on January 2, 2021 Please note if reprinted. If you have any questions, please leave a message.



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