Year end summary 2020

Station building experience

The server

Virtual space VPS (lightweight cloud) - high configuration VPS independent server
For advanced development, Alibaba and Tencent are preferred. See
General website chooses fictitious space is enough, save worry. Those who like to toss and toss can buy an annual payment of about $10, and build their own environment and website.

domain name

The mainstream chooses com, net and so on, faces the public to be easy to remember, the minority words depends on own preference.
Recommended mainstream domain name providers DNSPod, wanwang, Western Digital, etc

Source code program

PHP is still the mainstream language
Personal blog and small information website: Typecho, WordPress, emlog, Z-blog
Forum: wellcms, discuzq, mdclub, discuz
Others: you can find it online

CDN (not required)

Cloudflare (prevent by D), baidu cloud acceleration (simply accelerate, D will return to the source), etc

Random talk


I've had a lot of chicken since 20 years ago. I'm tired. There are gains and losses.


The first foreign VPS in the pit this year is hostmem, which has been stable for nearly half a year. It only went down once and lasted for several hours. I bought two $9.9 a year. One is a 1h1g60gb100m1t, and the other is 20g storage. The running points of both are more than 300 and close to 400. The broadband is also quite enough. They are cn2-gt lines. Basically, 100m can run full.
The first domestic chicken was Huawei cloud, with a running score of about 1200. The second is that Ali's has not run too far. Domestic machines are small broadband, less than 5m. It is necessary to record, or you can only access it by IP: port. It seems that you need to open the port manually. The security is very high.
I also bought a lot of other machines. I started a rackner's double eleven 2h2g35g1g3t, with a running score of about 1200, which is quite stable. Although it is said that I used to run on the road, it seems to be ok now. Virmach started with three, two of them were robbed by black five, and the other one was collected in LOC. At present, this family is very good, and its stability is really stable. PR launched a lot of flash shopping this year, but I'm tired and don't buy any more. It's said that there are a lot of services and routines, so be careful to get on the bus. Ruvds machine can, unlimited traffic, Unicom recommended. And the fake shark, the one with 15 knives, don't be fooled. Gullo's is great. You can play. Both wishosting and euserv's free V6 chicken are great. EU has to renew it manually now.
Finally, labor creates value. No matter how many chickens are useless in their hands, they cannot escape the fate of eating ashes. If chickens are bought cheaply, they are useless. After making so many chickens, we can look back: the pagoda is really fragrant, the one button script is really convenient, the tutorial for the big guy is great, and so on, repeating the cycle of buying chicken, measuring speed, eating ash and buying chicken again. Waste money not to say (that money to buy fried chicken, it is not like it?) It's also a waste of time. Time and energy spent, learning is superficial, may also be what others can learn in a day.

domain name

Domain name this thing also bought a lot of, DNSPod has 10 or so, build station also a few just. Cn must have a real name. Foreign countries generally have domain name protection. Com suffixes are still the mainstream, but the emerging suffixes have greater investment value (personal view), especially Wang, fun, XYZ and so on. The charm of the website is not the website, but the value of content and creativity.

Network disk

Onedrive and Google drive are full. I don't know what's the use of asking me. Domestic speed is worrying. Century Internet version onedrive (VIP. TG) has also experienced a rollover. The earliest A1 version is stable, that is, the straight chain speed is worrying. When it is good, it can last 4-5mb / s, but when it is bad, it is only about 100kb / s. Let alone GD. It's OK to say online that it takes a lot of effort to move resources locally.
Baidu disk reliable, also worry free, is the possibility of swallowing files, copyright video remember to pack compression encryption and then upload backup
Ali's team competition, internal test 2T speed is very fast, stability to wait and see. (benchmarking office365)
Alibaba cloud disk also needs to wait and see. (benchmarking Baidu disk)

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