Cloudcone 15 - 1h-2g-60g-1g-5t running points

Results benchmark run: October 07, 2020 20:45:59 - 21:14:56 1 CPU in system; running 1 parallel copy of te...

Evaluation of virmach 512M / 1H / 15GB / 500GB black five and seven knives

Foreword I have heard the name of virmach a long time ago, and it is well-known. During the period of black five, I was lucky to start a few. Seven knives San Jose 1h-512m-15g-500g is one of them. VIR has strict resource usage restrictions: "high CPU: customer service

Ruvds|1h-0.5g-10g-100m annual payment of 55 yuan

Conclusion it is worth to start with, especially the basic parameters of Unicom without traffic restrictions, and businesses are not limited to traffic, it is said that they can only run 75g in a day Select package: select configuration: deduction selection

Causes and improvement of Microsoft edge's slow start

The foreword just started using edge. It was very quick and friendly. After using it for a long time, there are some problems, one of which is the obvious slow start. At first, I thought it was my default home page that slowed down its loading speed. Later, I changed the default home page to Baidu, and the situation did not improve. And then I just

BBR original / BBR magic change / BBR plus / sharp speed four in one script

CentOS 7, Debian 8 / 9 and Ubuntu 16 / 18 passed the test on vultr. Ovz and LxC are not supported. One click code WGet - N -- no check certificate "