Introduction to docker

Official documents: Introduction to docker for Ruan Yifeng

Pagoda major vulnerability emergency update!

Pagoda Linux panel version 7.4.2 / windows panel version 6.8 has security risks, other versions do not have this risk.

Professional multi thread downloader IDM V6 38.2 Chinese Special Edition

Internet download manager is an old multi-threaded downloader in foreign countries, which is referred to as IDM downloader in China. As an excellent download tool, it has a large number of users. IDM mainly supports multimedia download, automatic link capture, automatic identification of file name, silent download, batch download, planned download task, site capture, queue, etc. previously, easy to crack released IDM Chinese special edition and IDM river crab patch unlock key to you. Today, I share this IDM registration free green portable Special Edition without unlocking key activation, and disassemble river crab, No registration, no need to fake the serial number, start is the license free version, to upgrade, prohibit the subsequent version network detection update, will not pop up IDM update prompt! Remove the daily prompt pop-up window, remove the behavior of automatically pop-up web page after installation. By default, do not start the machine. Remove the redundant menu items and the redundant buttons on the window.

Some easy to use webmaster / speed tool website recommendation

Ipipnet website: It supports the national Ping speed measurement, and the IP library has high accuracy. In addition, there are test station master tools such as route tracking. Website: http://ping.chin...