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Conclusion of freshman year

In the twinkling of an eye, the freshman year is over, and the feeling is still vivid in yesterday. This semester is different from last semester, the last four weeks are training week, because I am a computer professional, so training is to do a small project. The first training is database.

2019-07-07 Six

One month for the operation of film and television public numbers

It has been more than a month since the beginning of interest, and now it is becoming more and more perfect. From the beginning of the mutual powder to the current drainage, fans also reached more than 9000, nearly ten thousand.

2019-05-23 Sixteen

The dribs and drabs of running public numbers

I am a public figure of film and television. This month, No. 2 began to create (April), and I started to do something at random. Because of some opportunities, I found out that there was a way to interact with each other. If I did not say much, I would go to QQ group search key immediately, and then add...

2019-04-27 Fourteen

Let the public number drain one thousand powder through popular video.

Today, I have seen the game of power 8. After all, it is more fire, but I have not seen it, nor have I seen it at all. But now that I am in the public address of film and television, I think it will be drained by the resources of the right tour. After thinking of it, I acted immediately.

2019-04-15 Twelve

During the leisure time, a public television number was built.

Last Tuesday (4.2), a public address was created on a whim, because the movie API was seen on a website, that is, the response to automatically get the kind of movie, so it started to create, and then made a API. Created...

2019-04-12 Nine
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