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Recent events

Not cold 2010-01-09 Talking about a life four thousand two hundred and thirty-two seven
Recently, I've been doing the final examination. I'm so nervous every day that I think about how to make the final project. But I don't know how to learn SCM

Two or three things

Not cold 2009-12-01 Talking about a life three thousand four hundred and eighty-seven three
I've been busy these days. I've had a backlog of loans for two months. I've finally got almost done. I don't know how. There are so many students applying today! Compared with last year, almost flipped over, I don't know how many can be approved, last year's real success is very few! Contact the manager of the bank and listen to him as if the situation this year

QQ farm warned

Not cold 2009-11-03 Talking about a life three thousand five hundred and forty-two three
 QQ farm warned
After QQ farm informed me that using plug-in was found the day before yesterday, "the day before yesterday 05:07 QQ farm administrator: Dear farm users, your happy farm account number has been found out, recently using plug-in

Upgrade the computer system to Windows 7

Not cold 2009-10-31 Talking about a life four thousand seven hundred and seventy-six four
 Upgrade the computer system to Windows 7
Last night, I spent two and a half hours downloading the flagship ISO image of win 7 from Microsoft. After downloading it, I couldn't wait to install it. Originally, I was going to install it on disk F and have a dual system. When I thought about the dual system in the background installation, I directly installed the system to disk C. later