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Crazy night

Not cold 2010-06-13 Talking about a life four thousand one hundred and twelve nine

PR value update

Not cold 2009-12-31 Write a review three thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven nine
Today, the last day of 2009, Google PR updated again, Xiaohan's blog finally has PR, although said it is not very important, but which webmaster is really not concerned about their own website or blog

Copy of China Network review

Not cold 2009-12-11 Write a review four thousand and forty-six three
Today, I found the following presentation in Google doc when I was sorting out an article. This is an article I saved a long time ago. However, after reading it, I can't help but sigh that China's network censorship system is too sad

Reaction caused by "try the answer"

Not cold 2009-12-08 Write a review three thousand one hundred and fifty-five two
 Reaction caused by "try the answer"
RT, yesterday when the Internet opened a page, suddenly jump out of the above picture! I've never met it before. I went to search for it. It turns out that this thing has a great origin: Google knows that this thing is called "first class information monitoring