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Another year's electronic contest is over

Precocious 2011-09-07 Talk about a life four thousand two hundred and sixty-seven three
Another year's electronic contest is over! This sentence has been written several times these days. Last year, I was a contestant, and this year I became a director. According to Xiaobei, the annual electronic contest, which lasts for four days and three pages, is a great test of the spirit, and has hardly slept for four days

Summary of summer vacation

Precocious 2010-09-02 Talk about a life four thousand four hundred and twenty-nine fourteen
One summer vacation, July and August, spent in school. During the summer vacation, I ran through Hangzhou, Huzhou, and finally returned to Ningbo. It has been a long time since I returned to Ningbo

One week's study

Precocious 2010-07-19 Talk about a life four thousand and sixty-three seven
 One week's study
I have been back to school for a week. Today I have a rest. Let's talk about the achievements of this week. Although I have been exposed to embedded systems before, I am still not very familiar with C51, although other people learn to play embedded systems only after they are fully familiar with the microcontroller

The summer vacation ends and classes begin

Precocious 2010-07-15 Talk about a life three thousand eight hundred and ninety-five seven
It has been two days since the class began. I am really tired. I run to the laboratory every day in hot days. Although there is air conditioning in the laboratory, I go to the laboratory from my bedroom

One day training in Hangzhou TI

Precocious 2010-07-10 Talk about a life four thousand seven hundred and twenty-three five
 One day training in Hangzhou TI
Yesterday, I followed my teacher to Hangzhou for a day and met with the knowledge of this year's competition. The person in charge of TI (not the Dezhou company that sells grilled chicken in VV's hometown, nor the company that sells instruments) introduced various ICs of their company to us. The process is always a bit depressing. I set out from Ningbo at 6:00 in the morning, OK

Low power LED lamp

Precocious 2010-05-29 Draw a circuit five thousand two hundred and forty-three six
 Low power LED lamp
Yesterday, I posted a review article about warm lights. Later, I suddenly remembered that I had made a similar light and sent it to everyone to see: this light is composed of 38 LEDs in blue and white

Competition Rules for Embedded Product Development

Precocious 2010-04-18 Draw a circuit four thousand two hundred and forty-eight four
Today, I got the rules of the game. Next week, I will go to Jinhua to play. Come on

Summary of the first week of school

Precocious 2010-03-07 Talk about a life four thousand six hundred and seven nine
I have been busy since I arrived at school early on the 25th. VV said that I was busier when I came home than before the holiday, but now I feel that the last ten days are my darkest days

Summary at the end of January

Precocious 2010-01-20 Talk about a life three thousand nine hundred and fifty-five twelve
 Summary at the end of January
Today is the first day after I got home. After 20 days of busy work, I finally ended the final project. I spent half a month on the final project, but the dead teacher gave me such a bad score. I was going to write about my

Show what's busy recently

Precocious 2010-01-11 Talk about a life three thousand five hundred and ninety-six nine
 Show what's busy recently
This is my usual performance assessment assignment for the SCM course. What I made is an electronic piano. Three pictures are the schematic diagram, my hand drawn PCB diagram, and the automatic wiring drawing PCB diagram